1 Yr Old Birthday Party

Dear Together in Motion,

We wanted to thank you for the fabulous 1 year birthday party we had at Together In Motion last weekend. The space was perfect! We had a wide age range of guests from newborns to toddlers to little kids to grandparents and fun was had by all. The layout is ideal for a birthday parties because there is plenty of room for eating and relaxing and you can see into the large gym space where the kids are playing.

Jackson had so much fun and loved playing with all of the balls and climbing on, in and out of the large soft shape blocks. The older kids had a great time with the parachute and the parents/grandparents liked seeing all the action. In fact, everyone had such a blast that I think some of my friends will be booking their birthday parties with you soon!

Thanks for again for everything,
Jess, Dave and Jackson

4 Yr Old Birthday Party

Dear Together in Motion,

We celebrated Sasha's 4th birthday at Together in Motion with a total
of 18 children today. The kids had a great time running around,
building structures, knocking them over, and jumping off of them -
and then eating cake! It was amazingly easy for us to organize the
party (so little to prepare and clean up). Never another party at
home! Thanks for the great space and the welcoming atmosphere.
valerie, sam, and sasha

3 Yr Old Birthday Party

Dear Together in Motion,

We had a party here when my son turned three. He's three an 1/2 now and already lobbying for his fourth birthday here as well.

Deb - Arlington

NOT-ME! Teen Dance Party Fundraiser

Local teens dance and socialize at a fundraiser to support the self-defense non-profit NOT-ME!

Baby Shower

It was an intimate place to celebrate the upcoming the birth of my first baby. Thanks so much!
- Trish

Teen Dance Party

Together in Motion fills the dance floor at our first 16-19 yr old teen dance party.

Sweet 16

Attached please find some pictures of the Sweet Sixteen Party, that was held at Together in Motion. The party was a huge success. Everyone had a blast including the adults!

It was great that the teens were able to customize their music and play it on the sound system. Some danced while others comfortably relaxed on the numerous couches and chairs. We had a total of 55 teenagers plus adults and there was plenty of room.

Thank you so much for accomodating us!

- Michelle

Book-Signing Party

We recently held a book-signing party for a friend of ours whose new book just hit the stores. We decided to do it at "Together in Motion", because most of the people in this circle of friends have small children. The party was a big success. The gym was a great place for the children to have fun, with minimal adult supervision. This means the grown-ups had no qualms about coming to the event. And, there were ample oportunities to socialize. If you and your friend are in that child rearing age group, "Together in Motion" is a great place to hold grown-up events!

Kristen- Arlington

Tween Black Light Dance Birthday Party

Together in Motion Party

Family Party

Dear Together in Motion,

Our party a Together in Motion was a great success. Our family and friends, with kids of many ages, all had a fantastic time. We credit the thoughtful kid friendly space along with the flexible and helpful staff for providing such a perfect birthday party setting.

Thank you - Faith

4 Yr Old Birthday Party

Dear Together in Motion,

We recently threw a birthday party for our 4 year old daughter at Together in Motion. I chose this venue because I felt the bright, playful and spacious play area was a really fun and safe place for all of the children to play. The fact that it was open only to people invited to the party added to my sense of safety--no chasing after your child among 100s of others!

The area intended for food was also spacious and very clean. It was a great place for the parents to talk and still view their children having fun through the large glass windows.

We were so pleased with the party and had many parents comment specifically on the fun, relaxing space.


80's Dance Party

Together in Motion Party