Book-Signing Party

We recently held a book-signing party for a friend of ours whose new book just hit the stores. We decided to do it at "Together in Motion", because most of the people in this circle of friends have small children. The party was a big success. The gym was a great place for the children to have fun, with minimal adult supervision. This means the grown-ups had no qualms about coming to the event. And, there were ample oportunities to socialize. If you and your friend are in that child rearing age group, "Together in Motion" is a great place to hold grown-up events!

Kristen- Arlington

Tween Black Light Dance Birthday Party

Together in Motion Party

Family Party

Dear Together in Motion,

Our party a Together in Motion was a great success. Our family and friends, with kids of many ages, all had a fantastic time. We credit the thoughtful kid friendly space along with the flexible and helpful staff for providing such a perfect birthday party setting.

Thank you - Faith

4 Yr Old Birthday Party

Dear Together in Motion,

We recently threw a birthday party for our 4 year old daughter at Together in Motion. I chose this venue because I felt the bright, playful and spacious play area was a really fun and safe place for all of the children to play. The fact that it was open only to people invited to the party added to my sense of safety--no chasing after your child among 100s of others!

The area intended for food was also spacious and very clean. It was a great place for the parents to talk and still view their children having fun through the large glass windows.

We were so pleased with the party and had many parents comment specifically on the fun, relaxing space.


80's Dance Party

Together in Motion Party

2 Yr Old Birthday Party

Dear Together in Motion,

We had a birthday party for my 2-year old here just a couple of weeks ago and it was terrific! We had little babies all the way up to 7-year olds and all the kids had a great time (as did the parents).All the kids loved that they could run and jump and throw balls (and themselves) around the large room with its padded floor. The little kids liked crawling on the soft blocks and the bigger kids liked building structures and knocking them down. All ages loved the different size balls. The kids didn't need any organization -- they played for a solid 45 minutes until we called them out to the lounge for pizza. (The outside lounge was great for older relatives to relax and watch the action, without actually having to get involved.) The kids were all begging to go back in and play after pizza, and not one complained about having to wash up first! They literally ran to the bathrooms (there are 2 large single bathrooms)!The kids played until we dragged them out (!) for cake and ice cream. All the kids (and thus the parents!) left VERY happy. Best for us, we didn't have to clean our house and we could accommodate everyone safely and happily. Together in Motion was clean, spacious and great for kids and parents. (I have to say that the dads REALLY got into it.) You should definitely check it out!

Jennifer - Arlington
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40th Birthday Party

Dear Together in Motion,

My big 40th!i have to admit- my birthday/dodge ball tournament was an event my friends are still talking about.everyone participated- even those who never played. from people intheir twenties to those in their sixties were laughing and playing.we started with couple of silly games that made everyone warmed up andafter that the Dodge ball!i had trophies for the Most Valuable Player, Best Dressed one and the Worst was so much fun. one of the kind , for sure!
Asia - Arlington